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    Our classical Thai facial is customized using special Thai herbals to repair and restore your skin and increase cellular vitality against free radical damages. 50 mins.


    Our exclusive skin care helps strengthen the skin barrier and stimulates healthy cell production. This treatment amazingly prevents and restores anti-aging for all skin type. 80 mins.


    Thai massage was originally using slow, gentle rocking movements, applying compressions with thumbs, palms, elbows, and knees with feet to harmonize vital life energies. This leaves you relaxed yet energized and more flexible.90 mins.


    The ancient technique with Thai herbal bagged mixture of various Thai herbal helps promote blood circulation, anti-aching and pain. 80 mins.


    Indian head massage technique and especially Ayuravedha oil will help moisturize scalp and strong hair, and relieve headache and relaxing. 60 mins.


    This concentrated massage employs a variety of techniques to release tension in the head, neck, and shoulder area.60 mins.


    The therapist works on specific reflex points in the feet using thumb pressure. These points correlate to individual organs and parts of the body. Activating these reflexes can help improve circulation and promote relaxation.50 mins.


    A relaxing and soothing massage to help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote relaxation. 60/80 mins.


    A relaxing antidote to stress combines specialized techniques with the effects of pure essential oils. This complete, head-to-toe treatment promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthens the immune system and helps establish a healthy equilibrium of mind, body and spirit.

    Selected Essential Oils from: – Energizing Blend
    – Relaxing Blend
    – Romantic Blend

    60/80 mins.


    A signature massage you only touch at Wanatara Spa, designed for stimulating, relaxing anti ached and pain with specialized techniques combined between Thai Massage, Swedish massage and Aroma massage with the effects of pure essential oils.

    120 mins.


    These full-body exfoliating treatments leave your skin feeling soft and velvety smooth. The treatment includes an exfoliating in steam, sauna and Jacuzzi, selection can be made from a variety of scrub 50 mins.

    – Mineral Salt, and Citronella
    – Yogurt and Leelawadee EO
    – Yogurt White Tea


    A luxurious of purest product ingredients, which will leave your skin smoother and glowing, helps improve the blood circulation and detoxification. The treatment includes relaxing in steam, sauna and Jacuzzi, choose from:50 mins.

    – Sanaka
    – Clay Mud and Plai
    – Seaweed


    Experience an invigorating sequential water massage in personal bath and rock bath using

    – Flower and Milk
    – Seaweed
    – Thai Herbal Baht (Ob Samun Plai Thai in Krajom)
    – Rock water fall pool

    The treatment includes relaxing in steam, sauna and Jacuzzi.

    30 mins.


    (Steam or Sauna / Bath / Massage) This treatment using a special Thai herbal formulation is particularly effective in fighting body cholesterols and layer imbalances, help to body contouring, loose weight in 1 – 3 inches around the waist line in one session. Good for the people who want to shape up the body and get rid of specific exceed fat.120 mins.


    Cleansing and setting your hair with professional products60 mins.


    Basic nail shaping and cuticle cleanup with polish or color application50 mins.


    Basic nail shaping and cuticle cleanup with polish or color application40 mins.


    – Thai Herbal Bath 30 mins.
    – Mineral Salt and Citronella Scrub 50 mins.
    – Thai Herbal Compress 80 mins.

    160 mins.


    – Thai Herbal Steam in Krajom with Herbal bath 50 mins.
    – Thai Herbal Compress 80 mins.
    – Thai Massage 90 mins.

    220 mins.


    – Mineral Salt & Leelawadee Scrub 50 mins.
    – Clay Mud and Plai Wrap 50 mins
    – The Classical Thai Facial 50 mins

    150 mins.


    – The Classic Thai Facial 50 mins.
    – Flower & Milky Bath 30 mins.
    – Swedish Massage 60 mins.
    – Shampoo-Blow dry 60 mins.
    – Pedicure & Manicure 90 mins.

    290 mins.


    – Seaweed Bath 30 mins.
    – Yogurt White Tea 50 mins
    – Aroma Massage 80 mins
    – The Anti-Aging Facial 80 mins

    240 mins.


    Selection can be made from a variety of Scrub :Citronella, Leelawadee or Yogurt White Tea 50 mins.
    Bath : Milky or Seaweed or Thai Herbal 30 mins.

    Wrap : Sanaka or Clay Mud and Plai or Seaweed 50 mins.
    Wanatara Massage 120 mins.
    Thai Massage 90
    Thai Herbal Compress 80

    420 mins.